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‘Andrea has a lovely, relaxing set up and I immediately felt at ease. Having booked the combined reflexology/reiki treatment and having had both before from other practitioners, I did have an idea of what to expect but was delighted by the quality of the experience. The treatment was deeply relaxing yet challenging at the same time. Andrea quickly tapped into deep rooted issues and offered clear and empathic ideas about post treatment self care. I plan to use the service as often as I can.’

Reflexology and Reiki Combination Session client, Glasgow

‘I went to Andrea to help with severe stress due to a difficult family situation. I was immediately put at ease by Andrea who is an extremely calm and gentle person. Just being in her presence made me feel reassured and relaxed. Andrea listened carefully to me and then explained the process of Reiki, she also carried out shamanic healing at a later date. I felt very much de-stressed and able to cope better with my situation at the end of the process. ‘Gifted’ is the word I would use to describe Andrea and her talent. I will most certainly be visiting her again and would not hesitate to recommend her to friends and family.’

Reiki and Shamanic Distance Healing client, Glasgow

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