Reflexology and Fertility – Client testimonial

‘I just wanted to update you that my baby girl was born on Sunday! She is absolutely perfect.

I am so thankful to you for introducing me to Reflexology and performing what I see as a miracle! Reflexology gave me a new focus on my fertility journey, helped me to relax, reduce stress and ultimately allowed my body to create an environment conducive to conceiving.  

You are such a lovely and approachable person, and opening up to you before and after the sessions were a stress reliever in themselves.  I have recommended Reflexology to others trying to conceive. After almost 3 years, I thought I had tried it all but this really worked for me and my 5 day old baby is testament to that!’

Every day is special to me as I have the privilege of doing what I love. But some days are a little extra special and the day I received the email above from a Fertility Focus Reflexology client was one of those days.

Last year I received an enquiry from a woman about my Fertility Focus Reflexology sessions to aid conception after almost 3 years of her and her partner experiencing fertility difficulties. We discussed her experiences, frustrations, specific medical history and general lifestyle, and I created a treatment plan specifically for her, focusing on emotional support, hormonal balance and increasing energy circulation to the reproductive area. A few months later and my client gave birth to a beautiful, healthy girl weighing 6lbs 6oz.

There are many holistic tools at our disposal to move toward balance – physical, mental and emotional –  which can help improve the chances of conception, and one of these tools is Reflexology.


Book your Fertility Focus Reflexology session online here

90 minute appointment, £60

Fertility Focus Reflexology sessions include a full consultation to discuss your own individual situation and creating a personalised treatment plan. A full Reflexology treatment focusing on reproductive and hormonal areas, stress management and looking toward the future, supporting you in your fertility journey.

Further Information

What is Reflexology and how can it help with fertility?

Complementary Therapies and fertility

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact me here

©Andrea Doran, Flourish, 2017

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