Anxiety and Stress Related Disorders

Anxiety is indicated by feelings of fear usually as a reaction to a current situation, a worry about future events or as a result of a previously traumatic experience. There are many different kinds of anxiety and people affected often have more than one symptom. We all experience anxiety at some point in our lives – it’s natural when we are faced with a situation that makes us feel nervous or overwhelmed – but it’s only when we find it difficult to control our worries that anxiety can adversely affect our day to day lives.

Conventional medicine has yet to fully understand the causes of anxiety but does consider various causes including hormonal imbalance, living with a long term physical condition or a history of substance abuse as contributing factors. It is likely there are still undiscovered causes for anxiety and we perhaps may not be able to address these until we consider the whole person; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

In my experience as a CAM Practitioner, many symptoms of anxiety have their basis in fear, whether real or perceived. I consider both to be very affecting and they are very real for the client. It can often be difficult for clients to verbalise exactly how they feel and this is also very frustrating for them.

Anxiety can show itself in a myriad of ways, from an overactivity of the mind and obsessive or compulsive behaviour to nausea, panic attacks and an impending feeling of dread. The symptoms of anxiety can often be managed very successfully using complementary and alternative medicine approaches as part of a dedicated, ongoing treatment plan.


Depending on the cause of anxiety (if known), various therapies, including Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Massage, Reflexology and Quantum Entanglement Healing bring their own unique benefits in reducing the symptoms of anxiety.

For anxiety caused by hormonal balance, Reflexology is often the therapy most beneficial. Clients experiencing anxiety of unknown cause often respond well to energy medicine including Reiki, a gentle yet effective therapy that supports physically, mentally and emotionally.

First Appointment

The initial meeting is a 90 minute appointment which allows for full consultation, treatment and to discuss a personalised treatment plan, which involves looking at the best therapy, or a combination of therapies, to address your own individual health needs.

Treatment Plan Schedule

The Anxiety and Stress Related Disorders Treatment Plan is 12 sessions of 60 minute appointments over 4 months.

First and second month – Weekly 60 minute sessions

3rd month – Fortnightly 60 minute sessions

4th month – Fortnightly 60 minute sessions

Ongoing treatments each fortnight or month, depending on your own individual needs, are recommended.

Every client is different and treatment is tailored to your own circumstances so therapy recommendations may vary.


The initial 90 minute appointment is £60, with each 60 minute appointment £40.

I offer a block booking discount for the Anxiety and Stress Related Disorders Treatment Plan – the block of 12 x 60 minute sessions is £420 (individual cost £480). Please note this is only applicable for the booking and payment of 12 sessions following the initial appointment.

Booking an Appointment

The initial 90 minute consultation and treatment appointment can be booked online.

To discuss your own individual health requirements, please contact me using the form below.

Further Reading

Please have a look at my blog post, Health Focus: Anxiety for more information on how holistic therapies can help address anxiety and with remedies to use at home, including essential oils and crystal recommendations.