Cruelty Free Product Policy

Cruelty free products – Animal Testing Policy

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All skincare products, oils, essential oils, creams and butters used in treatments are cruelty free and Cruelty Free Leaping Bunny approved. They have not been tested on animals by the manufacturers, nor tested by a third party on their behalf. This is incredibly important to me in both my professional and personal life and I am am meticulous in ensuring that suppliers and manufacturers have this ethos. I hold a hard line on this. My own vocational experiences in laboratory research, my therapeutic work with animals and my role as an animal caregiver have all shaped this. This is detailed a little more in one of my blog posts. Flourish encourages more empathy and compassion to all living beings and, personally, I also use cosmetics, skincare products and household cleaning products that are cruelty free and Leaping Bunny approved.

Most of the high street brands of cosmetics and household cleaners continue to test the final product or raw materials on animals or employ a third party to test on their behalf. This is often due to the company or parent company who owns the brand selling their products in China, where cosmetics testing is required and many consumers are not aware that this cruel, inaccurate and essentially pointless practice continues. One of the best ways to make your voice heard, and initiate real change in regard to cosmetic testing on animals, is to do a little research to see if the company sells in China.

Cruelty Free Claims 

It can be very difficult to determine whether a manufacturer is truly cruelty free. Often companies state there is no animal testing but unfortunately this can be misleading as often testing is conducted on behalf of the company by a third party, the ingredients have been tested on animals or the product is sold in a country where animal testing for cosmetics is not banned, like China. Many companies have policy statements or claims that seem genuinely cruelty free until you look a little deeper.  ‘Except where required by law’ is usually a good indicator that animal testing is being undertaken.

Parent Companies

Many smaller cosmetic brands who claim to be cruelty free are often owned by much large companies (or parent companies) whose products are tested on animals. A good example of this is The Body Shop, who were owned from 2006 to 2017 by L’Oreal, a parent company who sell in China. A current example is growing cosmetics brand Younique (who aren’t able to confirm that their ingredients aren’t tested on animals, which is one of the requirements of being a cruelty-free brand) and whose current majority shareholder, Coty Inc, sell in China.

Search for a brand

If you’re not sure if a brand is cruelty free, you can search Cruelty Free International’s register of approved products or PETA’s Company search

There are many great, cruelty free companies who are registered and approved. Manufacturers like Beauty Without Cruelty, a long established company who has accreditation from the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC) for Cruelty Free Products and The Vegan Society.

Cruelty Free Cosmetics Guide

For more information on buying cruelty free products, visit Go Cruelty Free

Please note there is no financial support or otherwise of Flourish from Beauty Without Cruelty or any other organisation – they are personal recommendations for those seeking cruelty free options.