Crystal Casting

Crystal Casting uses a variety of crystals, chosen by either the practitioner or the client, that are then cast on to a dedicated Wheel Chart, commonly a Life Wheel or Health Wheel, depending on the specific request of the client.

These Wheels outline different sections relating to specific areas – the Life Wheel includes The Self, Communication, The Home, Career, Travel and Pleasure; The Health Wheel includes the seven energy vortices (or chakras), from the Root to the Crown, and the realms of consciousness of Mineral, Plant, Animal, Human, Planetary and Angelic.

Like many crystal practices, Crystal Casting is both complex and simple, which may sound a little confusing. If we consider the structure of crystals, their mineral contents, their shape, form and growth patterns, it is easy to become a little disorientated at the wealth of information. But crystals, like other kingdoms (animal, plant, humankind) have their own energy and life force. By intuitively communicating with each individual crystal, it provides a greater understanding of its own unique purpose and how it relates to your casting.

Requesting an Appointment

Currently, sessions are conducted remotely and mainly in the evenings, with the reading communicated to you directly after the session. The session is 60 minutes long, which includes the follow up communication after the reading. The cost is £40.

To request Crystal Casting Services, or for more information, please contact me using the form below. Please visit the Terms and Conditions page for information before enquiring.