Dowsing for Health

The ancient technique of dowsing has been used for centuries and most people have heard of dowsing as a means of finding water sources. The dowsing discipline can be used for a wide range of purposes including dowsing for health, which can offer intuitive insight into the nature of imbalance. Just like water dowsing, which connects us to the vibrational frequency of underground water, health dowsing connects a practitioner to the vibrational frequency of a client’s energy bodies (or aura).

Every person has a unique vibration and individual healing needs. With dowsing, practitioners can ‘communicate’ with the energy eminating from a client’s aura – our bodies have an inherent wisdom that is sometimes not consciously known to us but can often be accessed using intuitive methods such as dowsing.

In remote dowsing, when there is a clear focus and dedication of the session to the client, with charts employed for a variety of purposes including the suitability of essential oils in Aromatherapy treatments, natural remedies, the origin on imbalance and the appropriateness of a therapy. By presenting precisely communicated questions to our intuition, it can provide us with information.

I often use pendulum dowsing in my Reiki, Crystal Therapy and Quantum Entanglement Healing sessions, specifically to locate areas of vibration and frequency that indicate imbalance, approaching holistic health in a caring, supportive and intuitive way.

Booking an Appointment

Sessions are conducted remotely and mainly in the evenings, with the dowsing communicated to you directly after the session by email. The session is 60 minutes long, which includes follow up communication.

The cost is £40. Payment is made securely online via PayPal, which will open in another tab. Please indicate in the comments section at checkout any specific insight requests. I will then confirm your booking and let you know when it is scheduled.

Please visit the Terms and Conditions page for information before booking. Please note that by booking you are agreeing to the Terms and conditions.

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