Quantum Entanglement and Angelic Healing

Quantum Entanglement is one of the most unusual features of quantum physics. It occurs when two particles remain connected, even over large distances, in such a way that any actions performed on one particle has an effect on the other. For instance, one particle might be spun in a clockwise direction – the result on the second particle would be an equal anti-clockwise spin. They interact in ways that the state of each particle cannot be described independently of the other and it must be described as a whole. Albert Einstein, renowned theoretical Physicist, called it ‘spooky action at a distance’.

What is Quantum Entanglement Healing?

Quantum Entanglement Healing also supports the entanglement theory between people, that essentially everything is connected; we are all connected to each other and that nothing exists on its own. This is something that indigenous peoples, with their knowledge of healing practices gained over centuries and passed down through generations, have known for a long time. It is also the basis for many in the spiritual community, that we all originate from the same divine source of energy.

Quantum Entanglement Healing is based on the entanglement theory and that when a practitioner initiates the session, the frequency of the energy field of the practitioner becomes aligned to a higher frequency of vibration and can intiate changes in the energy field and meridians of the recipicient. Meridians are more commonly known in acupressure and Reflexology, lines of energy that run throughout our bodies and our electromagnetic energy layers. When we initiate a change in vibrational energy, we move from a low frequency vibration (such as low mood, grief, sadness) to a higher frequency vibration one (love, joy, contentment). The existence of meridian lines has now been proven by scientists.

Angelic Healing

When conducting Quantum Entanglement Healing sessions, I often connect to the angelic realm where various divine messengers, who are often very individual to the client and their own specific needs, provide support, light and healing. These spiritual guides have no specific dogma or religious affiliation, which is what we tend to think in the Western world – these ethereal energies have went by many names in many different cultures. They are incredibly powerful, awe inspiring spiritual presences with infinite compassion and grace and a deep understanding of intuition, helping us to develop our own. They are communicators who understand the challenges we face as spiritual beings having a human experience.

Karmic and Ancestral Healing

From a spiritual point of view, we often carry energetic ‘memories’ or patterns of behaviour, both from our deeds or actions, and inherited from our ancestors. Quantum Entanglement Healing can be used to release these energy patterns, allowing us to consider the future in a more positive light and encouraging new ways of being.


There can often be an element of entanglement that may not be so beneficial to us. Radiation and electromagnetic energy from mobile phones and masts, hand held devices, computers, VDUs and Wi-Fi can often have a detrimental effect on our own energy layers. Quantum Entanglement can help change release or transmute these energies.

Sometimes we also become entangled in others lives to the detriment of our own and it can be difficult to remove ourselves – this is often because we are energetically entangled too. Quantum Entanglement Healing can help us to release ourselves so that we can empathise with others whilst maintaining our own energy levels.

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