Remote Reiki Healing

Remote Reiki Healing Sessions are often useful for clients who cannot physically or geographically attend sessions in person. Many clients book remote healing for supportive therapy between in person sessions or prior to and in recovery from procedures or surgery in hospital. Remote sessions are also supportive for clients with life limiting illness who cannot attend in person.

How does Remote Healing work?

Healing energy and high vibratory medicine, such as Reiki, knows no limits in regard to what we perceive as linear time and distance. We are surrounded by energy layers, commonly called the aura, and are connected to each other by this common energy. It is a high vibrational energy that works with intention and focus.

When a practitioner ‘sends’ energy to a client they are harnessing and channeling universal light energy through their bodies, directing and transmitting it to a recipient by a variety of methods, emitting waves of energy to the person on the receiving end, a little like a radio transmitter. The practitioner does not necessarily need to have a personal connection with the recipient, or indeed to know them at all, as a connection of any kind – for example, an email request or a telephone conversation – can serve just as well.

Sometimes the connection to the recipient is strengthened by a photograph, their location, age, name and other information, as this helps the REmote healing onlinepractitioner build a picture of that person. While this information is a useful focus, it’s often not necessary.

Booking a Session

Remote sessions are 30 minutes and cost £30. They are conducted mainly in the evenings and can be booked online or contacting me by email. Please note that when booking a remote healing session, you are agreeing with the treatment Declaration and the booking and general Terms and Conditions

Online Booking

Please select the booking link (which opens in a new window) to book a suitable date and time, and please complete your details using the form below. All information is private and confidential.

Booking Confirmation

I will confirm your appointment within 24 hours either by phone or email and to arrange payment,  payable securely over the phone using a credit or debit card or online via PayPal (a PayPal account is not required).


Please note that I cannot conduct remote healings on recipients who have not given their consent for the session, just the same as in-attendance treatments.

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