Power Retrieval

Power Loss and Retrieval

We can lose our personal power in many ways. Sometimes we give our power away to others (family, partners or the workplace) and sometimes it is taken from us. By restoring personal power, we reconnect and strengthen our relationship with our power animal, empowering ourselves and enabling us to form healthier relationships, both with ourselves and others.

Power Animals

Shamanism teaches that, when we are first born into this world, the spirit of at least one power animal volunteers to remain with us to keep us healthy and protect us from harm.  We often lose touch with these animal spirit guides, especially during times of trauma, stress or in relationships where we lose our power.

Booking an Appointment

The session lasts around 1 – 1.5 hours and the cost is £75. If you would like to book a Shsmanic Healing session, please complete the contact form below.

shamanic healing online.jpgRemote Sessions

I also conduct Remote Healing and Power Retrieval sessions for clients who are unable to attend in person. This does not lessen the effect or impact of the healing, as shamanic healing transcends what we perceive to be time and space. Remote sessions allow you to be involved in the healing in a quiet, relaxing space in your own home. The session is around 1 – 1.5 hours including an email detailing any communications, messages or teachings that are specific to you.

If you would like to book a Remote Shamanic Healing session, please click on the booking link (which opens in a new window) to choose a date and time for the session and to arrange secure online payment via PayPal and then complete your details in the contact form above. Remote Healings are mainly conducted in the evenings. Available times in the online diary are in light blue.