Originally Tarot was based on a deck of playing cards, with their use as divinatory tools emerging from the 18th century. Playing cards can also be used for divinatory purposes but most readers use spreads with dedicated Tarot cards, available in a wide range of styles and approaches. I personally use a variety of dedicated Tarot decks, depending on the client and the insight requested.

Tarot is typically a deck of 78 cards, consisting of the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana is a suit of 22 cards, from The Fool to The World; The Minor Arcana consists of 56 cards of 4 suits – Wands (sometimes known as staffs, rods, batons and relates to the suit of Clubs in playing cards), Cups (chalices or Hearts), Swords (Spades) and Pentacles (coins, discs and Diamonds).

Most people know Tarot for its ‘fortune-telling’ reputation but Tarot is much more closely linked to tapping into our subconscious knowledge and it is a tool that is to be approached with focus, integrity, respect and mindfulness. With its ability in channelling a clear path, it can help our deep intuition come to the fore, to be acknowledged and recognised. Consulting the Tarot can help us make sense of our creativity, ambitions, relationships, decision making and to clarify our sense of self.

Requesting an Appointment

Currently, sessions are conducted remotely and mainly in the evenings, with the reading communicated to you directly after the session. The session is 60 minutes long, which includes the follow up communication after the reading. The cost is £40.

To request Tarot services, or for more information, please contact me using the form below. Please visit the Terms and Conditions page for information before enquiring.