Treatment Plans

Sometimes living with a chronic condition can feel like a long, lonely and frustrating road. Flourish Treatment Plans are specifically tailored to your own individual health needs and are committed to supporting you and your resilience, whatever the journey brings.

Chronic conditions or long term illness, life limiting conditions and other ongoing health challenges can benefit from regular holistic therapy sessions. Flourish Treatment Plans are designed to support you physically, mentally and emotionally, helping to manage the symptoms associated with long term conditions and to improve and maintain quality of life and personal well being.

First Appointment
The initial meeting is a 90 minute appointment which allows for full consultation, treatment and to discuss a personalised plan.

Treatment Plan Schedule
A typical recommended treatment plan is usually 12 sessions of 60 minute appointments over 4 months, with ongoing fortnightly or monthly sessions thereafter, depending on how you respond to treatment and your own health requirements. Every person is different and treatment is tailored to your own individual circumstances so therapy recommendations may vary.
First and second month
Weekly 60 minute sessions
3rd month
Fortnightly 60 minute sessions
4th month
Fortnightly 60 minute sessions

The initial 90 minute appointment is £60, with each 60 minute appointment £40.
I offer a block booking discount for treatment plans, with the block of 12 x 60 minute sessions at £420 (individual cost £480).  Please note this is only applicable for the booking and payment of 12 sessions following the initial appointment.

Booking an Appointment
To book the Initial 90 minute Consultation and Treatment appointment, please use the online booking system. 
For more information and to discuss your own individual support requirements, please contact me using the form below.

Women’s Health

Specific treatment programs are also available for anxiety and stress related disorders, fertility and menopause.